Wooden Keyring with Innerleithen Map by Sugar Shed

Sugar Shed

Wooden Keyring with Innerleithen Map by Sugar Shed

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Wooden keyring with Innerleithen map, designed by Sugar Shed using OS maps.


Wooden Keyrings with Innerleithen map.  These Keyrings are designed by the Hub on the High Street using OS maps and manufactured by Sugarshed

These keyrings could be a memento of a walk or a holiday or an image of a part of the world you'd like to visit.

Sugarshed-Our wood…Where to begin?
It is so important to us that we do things well and we do them right.  The wood is mainly locally sourced from here in the outstanding, gorgeous Lake District.  The wood that is used comes from as close to us as possible and we work with several different suppliers who understand our needs and high standards.
We call it ‘Happy Wood’. Our wood isn’t cut down just for us, it has either fallen down or is being felled for good reason.  We mainly use Ash as its gorgeous, light colour enables the natural grain of the wood to shine through.  Most of our products have the bark still intact and there is occasionally still moss on the bark and we love the rustic look it creates.

    • Solid Oay Keyring

    • 70x30mm

    • With metal fixing

    • Beautiful gift

Each piece is hand finished and there is currently no product on the market like this.