About The Hub

So this is the part where, we are reliably informed, we need to tell you a little bit about us (Pauline, Carmel and Hayley being the collective ‘us’ we would post photo’s, but none of us want to) as that’s what you do in an ‘about us’ bit on a web page, but we aren’t quite sure that we are quite as interesting as the stuff we sell.

You see we think you’d much rather know about all the beautiful Scottish gifts we have in our store and that they are designed and made from within the Scottish Borders, rather than stuff like we just opened in March and are based in Innerleithen and that we love what we do. We think you’d be interested in our huge selection of small batch gins (lovely gin) and craft beers (lovely beer) and how they are predominantly sourced from small independent distilleries and breweries.

We also think you’d be much more interested in hearing about how we are also a visitors information centre, bringing the best of all there is to see and do in the Tweed Valley together in one place, rather than how Pauline never puts a title in her emails, but we might be wrong!!

Anyway we are The Hub on the High Street, lovers of the Scottish Borders, Sellers of Scottish gifts for all occasions and passionate information gatherers and sharers to anyone who wants to know, its very nice to meet you…