Calluna Botanicals Luxurious Gift Set By Scottish Fine Soaps

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Calluna Botanicals Luxurious Gift Set By Scottish Fine Soaps

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Calluna: Latin genus for Scotland’s most famous flora - Heather, from ‘kallunein’ to make beautiful. Heather is also widely regarded as lucky and why our extract is called Scots Luck. A tradition brought from Balmoral to England by Queen Victoria. 

Lucky for us indeed as the provenance of our ingredients became significant to us during the development of this range. Being based in Scotland we have an abundance of natural fauna and flora to inspire our choices. This led to us finding locally sourced and foraged Heather from the moors in Scotland and locally farmed cold pressed rapeseed oil from a 160-year-old farm outside Edinburgh.

All the products in our collection ,apart from the EDT,  contain the locally sourced, sustainably foraged, scottish heather which research shows has active* antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to calm and repair the skin while improving elasticity. 

All products in Calluna Botanicals are Vegan friendly.