Sara Miller Handmade Sicilian Lemon Shortbread

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Sara Miller Handmade Sicilian Lemon Shortbread

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The best Sicilian lemons create a heavenly contrast between the sweetness of the shortbread and the sharp taste of citrus of these handmade biscuits, presented in a uniquely elegant Sara Miller London tin.

Created in collaboration with the award-winning Shortbread House of Edinburgh, a family-run bakery renowned for their premium biscuits, these are the best lemon shortbread biscuits to uplift your day - whether you’re on-the-go and running errands or are unwinding in the comfort of your home. With over 90 ‘Great Taste Awards’ to their name, Shortbread House insist on making their products truly by hand, naturally only ever with the finest ingredients.

Each lemon shortbread biscuit is individually hand-cut in the traditional way and baked using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a delicious flavour and a light, crisp, velvety texture.

This eye-catching tin, featuring the Sara Miller London lemur print with playful characters set amongst exotic jungle foliage, is embellished with delicate gold details, creating the perfect gift for a loved one.

The tin contains two sealed packs of around ten lemon shortbread cookies. This allows you to enjoy one whilst keeping the other one fresh. The lemon shortbread biscuits are packed into environmentally friendly recyclable cardboard trays to minimise our use of plastic. Keep the tin after you’ve finished your shortbread and repurpose it as a stunning storage place for your kitchen utensils or any other essential home supplies.

These indulgent lemon butter shortbread biscuits from Sara Miller London and Shortbread House of Edinburgh are the perfect pick-me-up. With five delectable flavours to choose from, our range of shortbread is truly giftable – beautiful sat on your desk during your working day, ideal as an on-the-go snack when running errands, or perfect as a decadent companion to your favourite hot drink. Whether you’re buying lemon shortbread cookies for yourself or as a gift someone else, these sweet treats are sure to make an impression.

Please note: as this product contains edible goods, unwanted items must be returned in pristine condition with the seal unopened.short