Retro Stripe Cool De Sacs Boxers by Bawbags


Retro Stripe Cool De Sacs Boxers by Bawbags

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If you’re a fan of that vibrant retro look, you’ll love our Retro Stripe boxers that would probably go well with just about every 80’s ski jacket! They are bold and because of that, they’ll need a bold wearer who’s unafraid to bring that retro funk back into style.

They are bright and funky, but they’re also super functional with our Cool De Sacs technical material, which gives you great stretch and breathability.

So they’re an awesome product for those days where you’re planning on cycling a half-century, but also those days where you have no plans to leave the house, unless maybe for some snacks.

Get your high-quality boxers with us and you’ll also be chipping into our mission to keep em tidy and cancer-free.

Retro Design; Modern Fit

This design is timeless, it’s the ‘so cool it’s cool again’ kind of retro paying homage to quirky cycling jerseys and football kits which walked so that our Retro Stripes could run!

What you won’t be getting with these boxers, is a retro fit. In fact, the boxer shorts’ cut brings this design right up to date so that you get the best of both worlds.

Old School Boxers Made With Modern Tech

Again, we’re mixing the old with the new here, as these technical boxers are made from recycled materials. Plastic bottles to be specific!

We’ve found a way to give bottles a second life as super comfy and high-quality boxers that also look great.

So when you’re cutting about in these retro wonders, you can keep your head held high, as you’re a credit to the environment!

Great For Sports

Not only do these look like they match the vinyl on an old touring bike, but they’re also great pieces of kit if you want to ride one! Even when you’re deep into that ride, they’ll stay dry with our Technical Wicking Active Technology, (T.W.A.T.).

They are super stretchy too, with an anti-wedgie cut, so no matter what you’re up to, everything is staying supported and in place down there!