Drop and Roll Live Cotton Boxer Shorts By Bawbags
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Drop and Roll Live Cotton Boxer Shorts By Bawbags

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Discover the Drop and Roll Live Cotton Boxer Shorts By Bawbags.

Our pals at Drop And Roll wanted some fresh boxers for their amazing Fringe show at the Edinburgh festival. We were happy to oblige, and have decked them out in some stealthy black with futuristic neon in their favourite Originals fabric.

Danny Macaskill's Drop And Roll Tour takes the very best street trials riding across Europe - if you haven't seen them yet, get on it! We're stoked to have partnered with Danny, and Team Bawbag riders Duncan Shaw & Ali C to bring you this brand new Drop and Roll x Bawbags collab!

Bawbags Originals are deluxe cotton boxer shorts featuring our custom fit for optimal baw comfort. Since 2007 our Originals have been keeping the nation’s nuts tidy and a portion of proceeds from every pair sold goes to support cancer charities too. Remember, 98% of testicular cancer cases are curable if caught early enough, so check yer baws!

About The Creator

Bawbags Underwear was established in 2007 on a mission to keep the nation’s baws tidy and raise money for cancer charities at the same time! Since then, they have raised well over £50,000 for charity and also continue to support Orchid and more recently Medical Detection Dogs as well. Bawbags have always made underwear with bright, vibrant and fun designs because life is too short for boring boxers! They now have a huge range of underwear for men and women, with their cotton ‘Original’ boxers and also the ‘Cool De Sacs’ range made with our own Technical Wicking Active Technology.

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