160 Shilling Ale By Traquair House Brewery
160 Shilling Ale Tarquair House Brewery

Traquair House Brewery

160 Shilling Ale By Traquair House Brewery

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A new limited edition ale, the Traquair 160 Shilling Ale by Traquair House Brewery will pack a punch with an ABV 9.5%. Made in Scotland from one of the oldest remaining Scottish breweries. It's name is derived from the old shilling system which was used in Scotland when beer duty was introduced in the 1800’s. Using a mix of roasted and crystal malts, this ale was conditioned for up to three months before bottling. The 160 Shilling Ale promises to be an exceptional ale with a 10 year shelf life.

Product Specification:

  • Size: 330ml

  • ABV 9,5%

Please note, this product contains alcohol. Proof of ID will be required upon delivery.

Traquair House Brewery lies in the wing of Traquair house directly underneath the Chapel. It dates back to the early 1700’s and was also originally a domestic brewery serving the house and the estate. Disused in the early 1800’s but never dismantled, it gradually filled with family junk until it was completely forgotten.

Peter Maxwell Stuart rediscovered the brewery in the early 1960’s and also began brewing again as an experiment in 1965. He used all the original equipment and fermenting the ales in the original oak tuns, some of which were over 200 years old. Footage has recently come to light showing the 20th Laird brewing with his daughter (the present 21st Lady of Traquair).

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